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konnectcommunity added new site — Learn To Develop, Design, Re-Design A Database Driven Websites On WordPress/PHP, Mobile Applications And How To Use Facebook & Instagram To Sell Anything.
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Nice article, Quite informative..

And then after, do yoս tһink tһе audience wіll ever try yoսr product? Youг audience haѕ a glimpse ᧐n it. Or let a press outlet Ԁo a release on your product. Ɗо you tһink they wilⅼ be convinced immеdiately? Уоu will publish an article ᧐r an advertisement іn
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Good evening my wonderful people
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How Apple's Changes May Significantly Limit Your Marketing Efforts
In June, Apple announced product and policy changes that will impact data sharing across iOS. The proposed changes will significantly impact the way you can run ads, measure performance and engage your customers, while also harming the growth of businesses and the free internet.
We believe that free, ad-supported businesses have been essential to the growth and... see more vitality of the internet, and that personalized ads and user privacy can coexist. We support proactive privacy measures and data transparency, but we don't agree with Apple's policy changes.
As we continue to work on your behalf, we encourage you to share this information within your organization and develop a plan to address this disruption to your current marketing efforts.
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Let all the bloggers meet here
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Lagos, Nigeria
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konnectcommunity added new event
This event gonna boom Live online on an open group on this community, and members in attendants will return Home with loads of business information, Tips and top secrets to take their businesses to the next whole new level..   Who's in with me?
01.12.2020 00:00
Konnect Community Event Centre, Lagos, Nigeria
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When is this offer ending?
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HolixServices added a photo
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konnectcommunity added new video 1-introduction wordpress website tutorials
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